About Mtelo Ministries

Mtelo Ministries exists to assist and initiate developmental projects in central and east Africa.

Key aims include bringing fresh water, building agricultural development that bolsters local food supply, and creating sustainable community projects through education, leadership training and spiritual growth. In collaboration with seminaries, community leaders, local schools, churches and pastors in Central and East Africa, assistance and resources are provided to crisis victims, displaced persons, orphans, street children, school children, and seminary students.

Mtelo Ministries is founded in the works and word of Jesus Christ, named for Mtelo Mountain in Northwest Kenya where the vision began.

Mtelo Ministries is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation managed by an all-volunteer board of directors.

The founders met on a mission trip to Kenya sponsored by Campus Crusade for Christ, Life Ministries. While visiting a very poor and over-grazed region of N’Goron in Northwest Kenya, our hearts were burdened by the lack of clean water and sufficient food that was causing illness and premature death. We all felt called to do what we could to help these people. We agreed to research the possibilities and arranged to meet again the following year.

On our next visit, we went along with a medical team and assisted with mobile medical clinics. The team was able to examine and dispense medicine to hundreds of people who came to the clinics from great distances. In the village of M’barra at the base of Mtelo Mountain, 150 miles away from the most rural of hospitals, we had an opportunity to meet with village leaders to discuss water scarcity and crops as related to disease and malnutrition.

We had seen first-hand so many women suffering back pain and joint deformities from carrying water in large heavy jugs on their back over great distances and rugged terrain. We had observed women filling water jugs in rivers infested with parasites next to others washing clothes and watering animals. We had seen still others squatting next to dry rivers, digging holes in the riverbed in hopes of salvaging a few drops of ground water.

We were blessed to connect with a local leader, who had arranged for a well to be drilled with donated funds. The following year we assisted with the layout of piping for distribution of the water, and soon realized that this model could work in other hurting communities.

We began to share a mutual vision of how clean water access, education about hygiene and agricultural practices, and on-the-ground training of community leaders could positively impact and benefit many small communities in Africa. To carry out this common vision and develop resources and tools for communities in need through education and small community driver projects, we founded Mtelo Ministries.