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Posted by Marilyn Roughley, October 11th, 2014


Your help is urgently needed in Nepal.

The full devastation of the recent 7.8 earthquake in Nepal is still not known. The numbers of the dead and injured continue to climb. Millions of people, including an estimated one million children, are desperate for shelter, food, and medical care.

We MUST bring hope, love, and aid to these hurting people right now. Please rush your generous gift today to provide assistance to our national partners and your donation will be put to immediate use to provide food, shelter and clothing to the victims of this tragic disaster.

Mtelo Ministries will match any donations received through this website to our national partners or the relief organization of your choice.

Please donate today. The people of Nepal are counting on you!




Mtelo Mountain in N.W. Kenya

Mtelo Mountain in N.W. Kenya

Mtelo Ministries is founded in the works and words of Jesus Christ, named for Mtelo Mountain in Northwest Kenya where the vision began.

Mtelo Ministries exists to assist and initiate developmental projects in central and east Africa and recently expanded their ministry to provide educational scholarships to Christian pastoral students at Bangui Evangelical School of Theology.

Key aims include bringing fresh water, building agricultural development that bolsters local food supply, and creating sustainable community projects through education, leadership training and spiritual growth. In collaboration with seminaries, community leaders, local schools, churches and pastors in Central and East Africa, assistance and resources are provided to crisis victims, displaced persons, orphans, street children, school children, and seminary students.

Mtelo Ministries is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation managed by an all-volunteer board of directors.

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